We are proud to have launched our first Artist-in-Residence programme at Canonteign this year, and are delighted to be welcoming Plymouth College of Art graduate, Vanessa Allen, to the falls. Vanessa will be working on site throughout the summer, taking inspiration from our vistas and history to inspire her work. Please do say ‘hello’ if you see Vanessa around and about.

Vanessa’s practice has slowly been evolving around the local landscape and our emotional response to it. Exploring a sense of place through mark making and a variety of mediums and materials, she aims to weave together pieces which reflect this connection, especially in and around Dartmoor.

Becoming increasingly interested in exploiting surface materials (including making her own paper) as more than just a flat drawing surface, Vanessa has been exploring how folds, pleats and layers can be used to draw attention to the surface itself and thus become an integral part of the image and its personality. In allowing the surface to describe itself through a visual interplay of layers and textures, she has found herself inspired by contemporary Japanese textile artists and interested in the Japanese aesthetic that sometimes what is left out is more important that what is put in – leaving space for imagination and contemplation.